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Israel is South Africa-1970

What we see today is exactly this – Israel keeps a population confined, constricted and in sub Human conditions, without ownership of anything for certain. Killing tens of times more Palatines than any Palestine has ever killed. Taking whatever land it wants and destroying houses without real motives (in most cases the owners have nothing to do with any shots fired from near their houses, and in fact protest against militants because they know Israel will destroy their house for this) . All the while the US and EU keep the status quo paralysed, for reasons less than humanitarian. Israel does worst things than Iran and still has no economic restrictions even discussed on the UN Security council – which by the way is a joke, since it seems the pre-requisite to be a permanent member is start Wars, have used, or have Atomic bombs, and in some cases promote dictatorships and genocide, oh boy, i sure feel “safe” with these “peace” loving countries in charge. And it seems also that Israel is their little protegĂ© (USA,FRA,ENG), and it can get away with things others can’t, like having atomic bombs, starting wars, State mandated killing of civilians, Preemptive striking of targets without prejudice (killing anyone and destroying everything to kill one target some times), keeping a diferent ethinicity in Ghettos constricting their progress and watching over their lives, taking their land bit by bit with new setlements even today. I could go on for a long time, but i like to say i feel for the Jewish people they had one of the most grueling exeperiences any people ever had to face, and i think they deserve peace and a home, but the state of Israel is denying that to millions of Palestines. The World should unite to end this situation, and rescue Israel from itself by imposing sanctions on Israel until it accepts the two state solution, the same with the Palestines.